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Sabco Fermenter

Sabco Fermenter

So I’m wanting one of these.  Bad!

A couple of my brew buddies, Wade and Steve, have fabricated similar fermenters using conversion kits to achieve the same general result.  My only concern with their setups is that they really can’t get into the top of the unit to check for cleanliness and scrub away fermentation funk.  The Sabco unit has a 4 inch port on top, secured with a tri-clamp that should make entry and cleaning a breeze.  All of the couplings utilize tri-clamps, so cleaning and sanitation should be easy.  I especially like the idea of being able to harvest yeast.  I also really like the idea of getting ten gallons of exactly the same ale since one of my five gallon carboys always seems to have a better/different fermentation.

They are not cheap, but run about the same as a quality, non-temperature controlled conical fermenter.  I’ve always worried about moving a full 14 gallon conical fermenter since they tend to be so top heavy, and my fermentation fridge is 50+ feet away from where I brew.  This unit looks more stable, and easier to handle and then muscle into my fermentation fridge.  Sabco has a nice video showing how the fermenter works.  I’m thinking of buying one, and then if they live up to my expectations, picking up another one and then ditching all of my carboys.  I’ve a a serious close call with a carboy that has me a bit scared – and I’m handing them with renewed respect.

I want to give Sabco a call before purchasing with a few questions.  I’d also need to rework a couple of my recently fabricated hoses, with stainless quick disconnects, to attach to the new fermenter, but that shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

So yea, lust!  Stainless steel lust:)

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