Paul Thorn at the Little Fox Theater

On March 22, 2008, in Music, by Mark Ranes

We are back on for Paul Thorn. Rather than Rancho Nicasio, we’re heading up to Redwood City on Tuesday night to the Little Fox Theater.

Paul Thorn

We’ve been to the Little Fox Theater before for a jazz show. It is a small 200 seat venue – not a bad seat in the place and the acoustics are wonderful.

Here’s a YouTube video of one my favorite Paul Thorn tunes, “I Have a Good Day Every Now and Then.” At one point in his life, Paul was a professional boxer. He went six rounds with Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran on national television. Like most folks that fought Duran, he got his ass kicked:) The fight inspired a song called, “I’d Rather be a Hammer Than a Nail.” You gotta see him live to appreciate his musical ability, heart and humor. Paul Thorn is the best performer you’ve never heard of.

All in all, the drive home will suck, but I’m pumped up to see Paul Thorn again:)

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Sold Out!

On March 19, 2008, in Craft Beer, Homebrewing, Music, by Mark Ranes

Damn! Brenda and I were planning on seeing one of our favorite performers, Paul Thorn, in a small intimate venue in Nicasio, in Marin County, next week. I called to get tickets today and they are sold out! I’m really bummed. Were were planning on staying overnight at a friend’s cabin in Inverness after the show, as it is only 20 minutes away. Paul just released a new CD last month, A Long Way from Tupelo, and I was really looking forward to hearing the new cuts live. You can download several of his live shows, in MP3 format, for free! He’s playing in Redwood City and Santa Cruz also next week, but it is less attractive to think of having to drive home for several hours after the show (and a couple of ales:). Oh, well. Chances are we’ll be able to see him again at the Sonora Blues Festival this summer. He’s performed there the last three or four years. Last year, we saw him with the band on the main stage and then in a “workshop” where it’s just him, a guitar and about a hundred people. I got to request one of my favorite songs last year, Give Them Their Roses, and hear it live, about 10 feet away. Great stuff!

Back to homebrewing! I pulled the two 1388 smack packs out of the fridge this morning, broke open the nutrient pack and left them on the counter all day. They bloated up the best I’ve ever seen Wyeast smack packs perform. I made the starter, pitched both of the smack packs, oxygenated the starter wort, and set it off on the stir plate. I’m expecting this starter to take off like crazy, and still give me time to feed it a couple times before Saturday’s brew day.

Belgian Strong Golden Starter

And yea, that’s a bottle of Meantime IPA 🙂

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