Strong Golden Showers…

On March 22, 2008, in Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes

The obligatory pre-brew photo…

Shit Eating Grin

The mash-in went perfectly! We hit 149 degrees on the mark.


Once we looked at just how much a bag of cane sugar is, we both decided to back off from 6 pounds of sugar to 5 pounds.

Cane Sugar

Per Jamil, we’re doing an extended mash – 80 minutes.


The OG seemed a little low after the sparge (pre-boil) at 1.036, but we still have a ninety minute boil to go, not to mention five pounds of cane sugar:)


Sampling the style we’re brewing…

Duvel Sampling

It’s in glass! OG is 1.084…

It’s in Glass!

I was really worried about the 1388 yeast.  I made the starter Wednesday evening and never saw any activity.  When I got up Thursday, nothing was going on.  I cooled the starter so the yeast would drop out and by late Thursday evening, there was a really nice yeast cake on the bottom of the flask.  I fed the starter about 400 ml of wort on Friday morning and it took off like a banshee after just a minute or so on the stir plate.  Four hours later, there was no activity!  I chilled it once again and then decanted off about 500 ml of nasty starter beer this morning, fed it another 300-400 ml of wort, and again it burst to life, fermenting out in about 2-3 hours!  Jeez – this 1388 yeast just chews through the wort.  I’m expecting a quick, violent fermentation in my carboy:)

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