Eddy’s IPA

On July 9, 2009, in Homebrewing, Recipes, by Mark Ranes

Time to brew a middle-of-the-road IPA again.  I brewed a great IPA, based on Steve’s CPM IPA, a while back and named it in honor of their inspirational Boston Terrier, Cooper.  Coop’s IPA was well received by all as an exceptionally drinkable IPA.  I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit (and changed the name to Eddy’s IPA – sorry Coop:)  and added back the Munich malt I was missing last time, and added a pound of Carastan instead of a half pound of crystal 120.  Also, I recently picked up a pound of Ahtanum pellet hops, so I want to try dry hopping this IPA with them.  Holding true to the last time I brewed this IPA, I’m using White Labs WLP002 English Ale yeast, and the appearance of this stuff never fails to amaze me.  The yeast in the starter looks like little sheets of yeast swirling around in the flask!  I really like the way WLP002 flocculates out of my brews – the ale clears quickly when cold crashed. Check out this video of the starter on the stir plate, whirling away:


Here’s the Recipe for Eddy’s IPA:

Eddy's IPA Tap Handle

Eddy's IPA Tap Handle

Eddy’s IPA
14-B American IPA
Author: Mark
Date: 7/10/09

Size: 10.32 gal
Efficiency: 77.0%
Attenuation: 78.0%
Calories: 326.29 kcal per 16.0 fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.073 (1.056 – 1.075)
Terminal Gravity: 1.016 (1.010 – 1.018)
Color: 13.68 (6.0 – 15.0)
Alcohol: 7.56% (5.5% – 7.5%)
Bitterness: 51.4 (40.0 – 70.0)

2.0 tbsp 5.2 pH Stabilizer – added during mash
11.0 lb Pale Ale Malt
11.0 lb Maris Otter Pale
2.0 lb American Munich
1.0 lb Crystal Malt 60°L
1.0 lb Carastan
1.0 lb 2-Row Carapils Malt
2.0 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) – added during boil, boiled 60.0 min
1.5 oz Centennial (10.0%) – added during boil, boiled 15.0 min
1.0 lb Corn Sugar
1.0 tsp Wyeast Nutrient  – added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
2.0 ea Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
1.75 oz Cascade (5.5%) – added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
2.0 oz Northern Brewer (8.0%) – added during boil, boiled 5.0 min
2000.0 mL White Labs WLP002 English Ale
3.0 oz Ahtanum (6.0%) – added dry to primary fermenter
3.0 oz Cascade (5.5%) – added dry to primary fermenter

I’ll be lighting the burners about 8:30 to get an early start on the day.  I also need to run down and fill a 20 pound CO2 tank during the mash.  Tomorrow will be a busy day!

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Such a Slacker…

On June 5, 2009, in General, Homebrewing, Technology, by Mark Ranes
Grain Handprints

Static electricity handprints on my milled grain tubs!

I’ve been a terrible blogging slacker lately.  I’ve brewed twice – 10 gallons of Two Hearted Ale and another 10 gallons of my house German Hefeweizen.  Unfortunately, work has been very busy as we prepare hundreds of new computers for a brand new middle school that is opening in early August.  I’m off until mid-July, but then it’s back to work earlier than usual to make sure we are ready for all the teaching staff and students as they make their way to a new campus.  I’ll be taking some time off next fall or winter to make up for the additional days I’ll be working this summer.  I hope to do something special with the time off that I normally couldn’t do because I’m working:)

Stephen and I are heading off to the National Homebrewers Conference in Oakland on the 18-20 of this month, so hopefully I’ll have plenty to report here to make up for my month long blogging absence.  I’ll try and catch up on the activities of the last month sometime next week.  Lots of exciting things have been happening with our new brew club, the Central Valley Brewers Guild.

Eddy, the Boston Terrorist, is also keeping us busy.  Thankfully, he’s been sleeping through the night for the last three weeks.  I’m much more attentive in the daylight hours when I haven’t been up watering/pooing a puppy two or three times a night!  All in all, though, we do love us some Eddy in the Lazy Brewer household!

Finally, one of the most exciting thing to hit the Lazy Brewer’s household recently is an AT&T U-verse installation scheduled for this morning.  We’ve been TiVo fans for over six years, but one of our Series 2 TiVos gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago.  With U-verse hitting our neighborhood in the last couple months, the timing was right.  I’m really looking forward to HD programming for my Pioneer Plasma (Series 2 TiVos have never supported HD programming) and even more excited about getting an 18 MB Internet pipe.  I just hope the install goes well.  I hear the TV/Internet part usually goes well but the phone part (VoIP) can be sketchy.  Kind of ironic that the phone company has trouble with the phone part!

Again – sorry for the downtime.  More info to follow next week.


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Lazy Easter Afternoon…

On April 12, 2009, in Craft Beer, Family and Friends, Food, by Mark Ranes
Easter Ales

Easter Ales

We headed over to the Brew Barn for our traditional Easter gathering.  All the regular faces were there:)  I took some ales over for the event – a Rubicon IPA, a Deschutes Hop Trip Pale Ale and an Oskar Blues Gordon Imperial IPA.  Stephen broke out a special bottle of Sam Adams Imperial White Witbier.  Obviously, there was also some wonderful homebrew thrown in with lunch.

The weather was wonderful and we ate out on the patio.  Stephen made the most wonderful lunch for us – prime rib sandwiches, grilled asparagus, several different salads and we took my mom’s party potatoes.  We shared ales, had a relaxed meal and visited while digesting.


Easter Lunch - Prime Rib Sandwiches

We really wanted to take Eddy, but he has his last round of puppy shots tomorrow the vet has strongly suggested not taking him too far afield until he has wrapped up his vaccinations.  He was glad to see us when we got home.  Lots of slobbery kisses followed:)

It is so nice to have holiday meals where you are considered family.  Thanks buddy:)

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Welcome Eddy!

On March 3, 2009, in Family and Friends, by Mark Ranes


We added a new member to our family on Saturday.  His name is Eddy.

We’ve been dogless for over ten years and have enjoyed the freedom of travel without having to worry about pets left at home.  In the last year or so, though, DawBoy has been asking for a dog.  We’ve also come to know Steve and Maggie’s dog, Cooper, pretty well and love his easy going, friendly attitude.  In the past we’ve had spaniels – both Springers and Cockers, and have really loved their personalities, but they come with some pretty funky health issues, stinky ears and skin problems.  Eddy is a Boston Terrier, and from what we’ve read, they don’t have as many health problems, and specifically not the ones we’ve fought in the past.

I’ve watched the web for local litters of Boston pups for four or five months now, and around Christmas, missed getting a pup by minutes from a breeder in the foothills.  Recently, I found a web-based ad for a breeder in Hilmar, and Brenda and DawBoy checked out the pups.  We put down a deposit and finally brought Eddy home Saturday afternoon.

Eddy is tiny – just 2.8 pounds and six weeks old.  He went to his first check up at the vet yesterday and came out with a clean bill of health.  He’s all head and clumsy as hell!  We haven’t had a puppy in the house for twenty ears, so we’d kind of forgotten about getting up in the middle of the night for potty breaks and scheduled feedings.  It’s all good, and so far we are loving the little guy:)

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