Beer Blogs

Below is a list, in no particular order, of other beer-related blogs I read on regular basis.  Got one you like that isn’t here?  Lemme know…

Some of there are really good – some better than others – but they all have something to offer.

Hop Talk

A Beer Sort of Blog

A Blog About Beer

A Good Beer Blog


Appellation Beer

Barley, Hops, Yeast and Water

Bearded Brewing

Beer Advocate

Beer Bits 2

First Draft

Beer Examiner – Charlie P’s Blog

Beer Haiku Daily

Beer Recipes

Making Homemade Wine and Beer

Beer Dorks

BeerSmith Home Brewing Beer Blog



Brainard Brewing

Brew Dudes

BrewPoll Home Brewing and Craft Beer News

BrewSession Blog


Brookston Beer Bulletin


Confessions of a Beer Geek


Days that End in Y



Finding Good Beer by BART

Freak Brothers Homebrew

Grove’s Beer Blog

Hail the Ale

Hair of the Dog Dave

Hedonist Beer Jive

Home Brew Beer

Home Brewers Knowledgebase

Homebrew Beer Blog

How to Start a Brewery (in 1 million easy steps)


It’s Pub Night

Kasper On Tap


LA Brewer

Cure for What Ales You

Mississippi Brew Blog

Monday Night Brewery

Muckney Brewing

My Beer Pix

My Life on Craft

Nate’s Beer and Brewing Blog

Pacific Brew News

Pete Brown’s Blog

RealBeer Therapy


Rooftop Brew

Seen Through a Glass

SevenPack Beer Blog

Should I Drink That?

Shut up about Barclay Perkins

Stalking the Big Beers

Stonch’s Beer Blog


Taproom Talk

Ted’s Homebrew Journal

The All-Grain Evangelist

The Barley Blog

The Beer Mapping Project

The Beer Pirate

The Beer Tap

The Brew Basement

The Brew Lounge

The Brew Site

The Champagne of Blogs

The Good Beer Show

The Thirsty Hopster

The Beer Geek

The Drunken Polack

Thom’s Beer Blog

Wort’s Going on Here?

Yours for Good Fermentables


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