These pages are about things I’m passionate about – homebrewing and craft beer, music, technology and all the other stuff in-between. Don’t be surprised to find a real mish-mash of topics here. If it’s all too much for you, don’t feel guilty about silently slipping away.

In real life, I’m a Director of Technology for a small school district in California’s central valley. I manage a mixed network of 800+ Macintosh and Windows computers, and 30 servers. It’s a challenging job, but rewarding!  Because of my tech background, I tend to look to technology and gadgets for solutions to make brewing easier and more precise.

As my blog title says, I’m an incredibly lazy homebrewer! If there’s an easier way, I’ll do it. If there a gadget that makes any part of the brewing process easier, I’ll buy it. Leave the ale in the fermenter a few extra days – no problem! In all things homebrewing, time is your friend!

At times, you’ll think that The Anal Retentive Brewer would be a more appropriate title for this blog, as I tend to be a creature of habit (in a good way:), and I have strong opinions on brewing practices.  I encourage your comments on my ramblings…

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