Thanks, Steve…

On October 5, 2011, in Technology, by Mark Ranes

Steve JobsI’m deeply sorrowed by Steve Jobs’ passing,  Like many others, my life was touched in many ways by his innovation and passion.  This blog runs on a Mac mini server sitting in my family room.  That’s what he did best – making the technically difficult elegantly easy.

Cancer is the devil.

Steve – thanks!  You’ll be missed:(

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2 Responses to Thanks, Steve…

  1. Mark Ranes says:

    Did you use a mouse today? Click an icon on you desktop? Print a document on a laser printer? Touch a smartphone screen to select an app? Listen to some form of digital music? Windows, Android, Mac and iOS users all owe these activites to the vision of Steve Jobs. Yea, other people played roles in making all these things a reality, but Steve made them mainstream. He humanized them. He saw things as they could be – beautiful to behold, easy to use – and they just worked.

    Many of the tributes I read this evening spoke of the loss his family must be feeling in his passing. I’m mourning for all of us. We’re the ones who will be feeling his loss in the future. He created our present…

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