Colona Mexican Lager

On July 3, 2010, in Homebrewing, Recipes, by Mark Ranes
Colona Mexican Lager Tap Handle

Colona Mexican Lager Tap Handle

Batch 102

I was swapping out some kegs in the kegerator a couple days ago and discovered that my Colona Mexican Lager has only about a gallon left to go before the keg blows.  Time to brew it again:)

I named this beer, the first time I brewed it, as a kind of play on words – it’s a clone of Corona – hence Colona.

Lagers aren’t my favorite style, by a long shot, but I do like to have beer available for the masses when they visit Sociables. I will admit that it is a refreshing beer after yard work on warm days! Colona is a crisp lager, bittered with Liberty hops, which have a spicy, earthy quality to them. Think Czech Saaz, only more aromatic and American. The key ingredient is flaked maize, along with some 6-row pale malt, with extra enzymes to help convert the corn. The Colona is cold fermented with White Labs WLP 094, a seasonal yeast, released every spring.

Here’s the recipe:

1-B Standard American Lager
Author: Mark Ranes
Date: 7/3/10

Size: 10.08 gal
Efficiency: 75.0%
Attenuation: 75.0%
Calories: 263.46 kcal per 16.0 fl oz

Original Gravity: 1.059 (1.040 – 1.050)
Terminal Gravity: 1.015 (1.004 – 1.010)
Color: 3.0 (2.0 – 4.0)
Alcohol: 5.84% (4.2% – 5.1%)
Bitterness: 16.7 (8.0 – 15.0)

2.0 tbsp 5.2 Ph Buffer – added during mash
10.0 lb Pale Malt (2-row)
4.0 lb Pale Malt (6-row)
1.0 lb 2-Row Carapils Malt
7.0 lb Flaked Corn (Maize)
1.75 oz Liberty (4.0%) – added during boil, boiled 60.0 min
2.0 ea Whirlfloc – added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
1.0 tsp Yeast Nutrient – added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
1.25 oz Liberty (4.0%) – added during boil, boiled 10.0 min
2000 mL Starter White Labs WLP940 Mexican Lager

Ferment at 51-53 degrees F for 7 days, then let fermentation warm to 62-64 degrees F for 4-6 days for diacetyl rest, chill 5 degrees F a day until you reach desired lagering temperature. Fine with gelatin or to clarify, carbonate to 2.8 to 3.0.

Flaked Maize for the Colona Mexican Lager

Flaked Maize for the Colona Mexican Lager

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2 Responses to Colona Mexican Lager

  1. Mark Ranes says:

    Full on stinky lager fermentation in progress…

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    I kegged this Saturday after brewing this year’s Oktoberfest. It dried out nicely and after a couple months of lagering,ought to be even more drinkable:)

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