Century Post!

On July 2, 2009, in Brew Pubs, Family and Friends, Food, Homebrewing, Travel, by Mark Ranes

This post marks my 100th post to the Lazy Brewer blog! I wondered if I’d get here with my little blogging experiment.  It won’t be too long before I blog about my 100th batch of beer.

New Chest Freezer for Keg Storage (and old upright fridge in the background)

New Chest Freezer for Keg Storage (and old upright fridge in the background)

Last week I picked up a 13 cu ft chest freezer, and Ranco digital temperature controller, for cold keg storage.  This opens up my existing upright refrigerator as a summer fermenting chamber.  Last Friday I brewed a batch of one of Brenda’s favorite beers I make, Colona, and it is fermenting away at appropriate lager fermentation temperatures in my brew shed’s refrigerator.

Brittannia Arms Pub in Monterey

Brittannia Arms Pub in Monterey

Last weekend, Brenda and I celebrated our 29th anniversary in Monterey. We stayed at our favorite Monterey inn, The Merritt House Inn.  As always, the staff there treated us wonderfully and we enjoyed several wonderful fresh fish meals, as well as a couple sessions in one of my favorite pubs, Britannia Arms.  We escaped 109+ valley temperatures for two days and enjoyed fabulous mid-70s temps.

Tomorrow I’ll be brewing another batch of Black Widow Stout.  The keg just blew last week, so it’ll be a month or so before I have a standard stout back on tap.  I do have RIS on tap, so not all is lost, but it is far from a session ale:)  I plan on oaking five gallons of this batch of Black Widow Stout.  Several of my brew buddies have been experimenting with oaking stouts and IPAs lately, and I want to give it a go.  Steve’s oaked RIS is truly one of the best home brewed ales I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy, and I want to join that exclusive club.  Hopefully I can get an early start on the brew day (not Steve early!) so that I can have a glimmer of hope of chilling the batch.  Even with an iced pre-chiller, I’ve had problems using summer valley groundwater to get my wort down to suitable initial fermentation temps.  With the Colona still in the fermentation fridge (currently in the middle of a diacetyl rest), this batch will need to start out in the living room, so I do need to get it quite cool to start off well.

With the 4th of July just around the corner, we’ll be spending the day with the usual suspects!  Happy Birthday, America!

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2 Responses to Century Post!

  1. Mark Ranes says:

    Today’s brew day was uneventful and went well, except for the heat of the day. The Black Widow Stout came out inky black in color – as I expected – and actually exceeded my projected OG. It came in at 1.066. So much for making a session ale!

    I’m looking forward to oaking half of this batch with medium roast American oak. Steve soaked his oak in spirits to sanitize the wood. I’ll follow suit and soak my oak cubes in Jim Beam bourbon.

    Life is good:)

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    The stout is all but ready. It had a wild initial 24 hours, creating a huge, inky blow-off in the bucket. I’ll be oaking this brew in the next couple of days so that it has time to sit on the wood.

    Looks like I’ll be brewing an IPA on Friday:)

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