Klassic Kölsch Tomorrow

On March 27, 2009, in Homebrewing, Recipes, Stuff..., by Mark Ranes
Kalssic Kolsch Tap Handle

Kalssic Kolsch Tap Handle

It’s time to brew my Klassic Kölsch tomorrow.  This ale was last brewed in July and the second keg just blew tonight (Brenda was the BlowMaster:)  I’m using the exact same recipe as the last batch as it turned out well and needs no tweaking. The starter for this ale has been working since Tuesday.  Kudos to Stephen for opening up his conditioning fridge to cold ferment this ale.

On a sad note, yesterday I ended my association with my local homebrew club.  I was a charter member and have only missed 3-4 monthly meetings over the last three years.  The drama in the club is not something I want to be a part of.  In the coming weeks, I’ll post more on this, but considering the fresh nature of my exit, I want time to reflect on what happened, and hope to temper my thoughts before writing on the topic.  The biggest issue currently facing the club is that I set up, configured and managed my homebrew club’s web site and forums.  Additionally, I actually host the club’s forums and web site on my small business’ servers, and that is ending with my departure.  I’ve done this at no charge for the last three years, and I want to provide the club’s data to an able member to continue the (often contentious) communication of the club.  I fear they are in for a shock concerning this aspect of the club’s daily function.

Overall, I’ve met some really wonderful people in the club – some who I know will be lifetime friends.  I’ll miss the camaraderie at the meetings, the sharing of information, and the love of quality ales.  I’ll even miss managing the club’s forums – it’s been a mostly fun ride:)  Good luck, Mashers!

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4 Responses to Klassic Kölsch Tomorrow

  1. Mark Ranes says:

    It was an uneventful brew day. The Kolsch brewed up as expected and is currently sitting in Stephen’s conditioning fridge (Thanks, Buddy! You da man:) There’s really something about the aroma of Noble hops in the boil – they are so different than the standard west coast piney/citrusy hops that usually go into my IPAs. Mixing it up is good – even for a creature of habit like me!

    On an additional sad note, I had to delete several very inappropriate posts on my ex-brew club’s forums. I’m amazed at the level of childishness displayed by some of the people who posted there. We are in progress of transferring the domain, web site and forums away from my servers (hey Jason:), and basically I threatened to shut it all down, and delete the club’s data if they didn’t stop acting like children. So far, it’s quieted down, and the communication has moved back to homebrewing, like it should be. I’m still in a state of utter confusion as to how a club of ADULTS could implode, as our club did, in a period of 72 hours. At their core, they are a good group of people, and even those folks who I clashed with in the final days are intelligent, passionate home brewers. The club deserves to grow and flourish once they get over the brain-drain they are currently experiencing.

    Again, once I’m completely exited from the club (meaning I have no access to administrative levels of the forums and the web site), I’ll post my thoughts on what I think happened (at least from my perspective – and jeez – I was knee deep in the controversy), as well as the challenges I see the club facing in the coming days.

    Simply put, I wish the Mashers well 🙂

  2. SteveoooBbrewin says:

    It is a sad time for some of us hombrewers who have jumped ship. However as my wonderful Mary Sunshine keeps harping at me as i mope around the house,” Put it behind you, move on and continue doing what you love to do, Talk,,Drink and Brew great beer with people you enjoy being with” It really is just that simple. I know you spent hours on hours of your free time to create a homebrew club about HOMEBREW, only to end up with a Broadway play called the Drama express. Moving forward it should be very easy to spend a few minutes and have the CVBG be everything you ever wanted the MM’rs to be and then some… You my friend are what a good homebrewer is all about, Sharing good ales and how you made them, opening up your home to strangers just to show them how easy brewing can be and being commited to doing whatever it takes to make this wonderful hobby grow and prosper. I look up to you as a person and a brewer, you have set the bar high my friend….
    I have received many PM’s on the old fourm in the last few days about your exit. Most stating the exact same feelings you have about the current direction of the MM’s. Your move sent a message, hopefully the few that really needed to hear it heard it. Go back to what you love Mark, HOMEBREWING! Its just that simple… Brew on!!

  3. Mark Ranes says:

    Stephen reports that the Kölsch is happily bubbling away and smells wonderful. Life is good:)

  4. brewbarnstephen says:

    Ok. Now the Kolsch smells good again. That yeast(as with most lager strains) goes through an unpleasant aroma stage and then cleans itself up again. I was kinda’ “jones-in'” for a lawnmower beer and although I may get a few pints of the Kolsch, it’s mostly spoken for by Robert. . .Mark’s dad.

    So, I took matters into my own hands (not naughty boys) and designed and brewed my first “cream ale.” It’s a hybrid beer also, only with a traditional lager-style malt bill and hop schedule that is fermented with ale yeast. (Kinda’ opposite of the Kolsch idea)

    We will see. btw, how do you get the little snake eyes over the o in “Kolsch?”

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