Welcome Eddy!

On March 3, 2009, in Family and Friends, by Mark Ranes


We added a new member to our family on Saturday.  His name is Eddy.

We’ve been dogless for over ten years and have enjoyed the freedom of travel without having to worry about pets left at home.  In the last year or so, though, DawBoy has been asking for a dog.  We’ve also come to know Steve and Maggie’s dog, Cooper, pretty well and love his easy going, friendly attitude.  In the past we’ve had spaniels – both Springers and Cockers, and have really loved their personalities, but they come with some pretty funky health issues, stinky ears and skin problems.  Eddy is a Boston Terrier, and from what we’ve read, they don’t have as many health problems, and specifically not the ones we’ve fought in the past.

I’ve watched the web for local litters of Boston pups for four or five months now, and around Christmas, missed getting a pup by minutes from a breeder in the foothills.  Recently, I found a web-based ad for a breeder in Hilmar, and Brenda and DawBoy checked out the pups.  We put down a deposit and finally brought Eddy home Saturday afternoon.

Eddy is tiny – just 2.8 pounds and six weeks old.  He went to his first check up at the vet yesterday and came out with a clean bill of health.  He’s all head and clumsy as hell!  We haven’t had a puppy in the house for twenty ears, so we’d kind of forgotten about getting up in the middle of the night for potty breaks and scheduled feedings.  It’s all good, and so far we are loving the little guy:)

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2 Responses to Welcome Eddy!

  1. Mark Ranes says:

    A week later and this is all very reminiscent of a new human baby in the house. I’ve been up every night (morning?) this week, between 3-4 am, for about 45 minutes, watering the dog, and then snuggling him back to sleep for a couple more hours. Still loving the little guy, but losing almost an hour of sleep every night is painful for a guy like me that likes his sleep.

    Also, condolences to Stephen and family at the loss of their wonderful Boxer, Bailey. I can’t tell you how many times Bailey has greeted me at the gate, at the Brew Barn, over the years. He’s been a good friend to me and it won’t be the same pulling into Stephen’s driveway and not having Bailey smiling at me and waiting for a petting session. I shed a few tears this evening when I found out… 🙁

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    Eddy continues to blossom – into quite the Boston Terrorist! He seems to be in his adolescent phase right now, wanting independence and desperately needing his family at the same time. We’re loving the little guy. He’s doubled in size in a month!

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