Kegging Up the Red and RIS

On February 5, 2009, in Homebrew Gadgets, Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes
Racking Mordicai's Imperial Red Flare Ale

Racking Mordicai's Imperial Red Flare Ale

Tonight I finally kegged up the Czar’s Pride Russian Imperial Stout and Mordicai’s Imperial Red Flare Ale.  The RIS started at OG 1.084 and ended at FG 1.020, for an 8.6% ABV.  It’s not as big as I was hoping for, but the hydrometer jar sample tasted roasty and sweet – with a big alcohol front end.  It should mellow nicely over the next 6-9 months.  The Imperial Red Ale started at OG 1.072 and finished out at FG 1.013, for an 7.9% ABV.  It is nice and hoppy from multiple injections of Columbus and Nugget dry hops.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with this ale!

I recently blew through a 20 pound CO2 tank in two days.  I originally assumed that it was a bad o-ring on one of the keg’s gas-in posts, so I replaced the o-rings on all of the active kegs in the kegerator.  While changing the o-ring, I dropped both of my brass 4 way gas manifolds into a bucket of water only to find that they were both leaking.  I monkeyed with both of them, trying to tighten up the fittings, but without completely dismantling both of them, I had little luck.  Being the Lazy Brewer, it seemed much easier to throw some money at the problem, so I ordered two 4 way manifolds from Northern Brewer.  These seem more sturdy and actually fit better on my 5/16″ commercial gas lines.  So far I’m pleased.  I also discovered a leak in my double CO2 regulator, so I ordered a replacement for that also.  Money up front?  Yup!  But compared to blowing through multiple 20lb CO2 tanks at $35 a pop to fill, it’ll save some bucks over the long run.  Plus, I hate this kind of frustration.

Tonight I’m making a starter with two vials of WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast.  Saturday I’ll be brewing a 10 gallon batch of Black Widow Stout.  The recipe will follow here in the next day or so…

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