Simcoe IPA Brew Day

On December 3, 2008, in Family and Friends, Homebrew Gadgets, Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes
Brew Sculpture

Brew Sculpture

Last Friday’s Simcoe IPA brew day was uneventful.  This was batch 72, and I spent at least a little time thinking about how to make batch 100 a special brew.  The OG came in a little low at 1.064, and with a full six ounces of Simcoe hops in the brew, I’m expecting a very flavorful brew, with a piney taste similar to the Columbus IPA.  I’m looking forward to putting these two brews side by side.  Next up in the single hop experiment is an all Summit IPA.

Simcoe Hops - Lots of Simcoe hops!

Simcoe Hops - Lots of Simcoe hops!

Everything came off like clockwork, and I even enjoyed the change of brewing further out on the patio.  Usually I brew under the patio cover and have easy access to counter space, all my brewing stuff and electricity (and proximity to the taps, too:).  It was kind of pleasant to have the late fall leaves drifting down on me while I brewed.  This is my favorite time of the year to brew.  The weather is cool for brewing and my fermentations tend stay right at the correct temperature without too much extra effort.  Fall is brewing season for me.  The day reminded me that even though I enjoy the social aspects of brewing, I also very much enjoy solo brewing – things just fall in line like they should, and I tend to be more on my game.

Mmmm!  IPA!

Mmmm! IPA!

I had several visitors at the end of the brew day. Becky, Eric and Evan visited for a while, Brad was my Iceman, and Steve and Maggie hung out and enjoyed a couple brews (well, Maggie was actually Steve’s DD:).  Steve brought me a cool new cleaning tool that was the result of an idea he’s had rolling around in his head for a while.  I’m actually looking forward to cleaning a couple carboys and trying it out!

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