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On November 25, 2008, in Homebrewing, Stuff..., Travel, by Mark Ranes

Regular readers of the Lazy Brewer have no doubt discovered that it has been quiet here.  I haven’t brewed for quite some time, and even canceled a brew day several weeks back.  Well, we had a death in our family.  Our 2006 travel trailer was declared dead by our insurance company.

When we returned from our last camping trip at the end of July, we discovered that the kitchen counter in our trailer had snapped in half.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this was really just a symptom of a much bigger problem.  The frame on the rear passenger side of the trailer was bent and crumpled, causing the wall to shift several inches.  We waited for our dealer to move to Turlock and finally got the trailer in for repair in late October.  What we heard from the service department put us in a panic.  Labor alone was going to run about $14,000!  They suggested we contact our insurance company to see if the problem would be covered.  After many conversations over the phone, we were delighted to learn that our insurance would cover the loss, but saddened to find out that the trailer would be totaled – which makes sense when you figure the the labor (no parts) was more than we owed on the trailer.  We really liked the layout of the trailer, and had only used it 7 or 8 times since we bought it, so we are sad.  The bad news is that I’ll have a strike on my driving record with our insurance company for the next three years for a “collision” – but this is still better than being stuck with a loan and a 25 foot box we couldn’t use.  I never felt any collision, but all in all, I’m OK with the outcome:)

Trailer Stuff!

Trailer Stuff!

Long story short – we had to remove all of our belongings from the trailer.  Those items have been sitting under our covered patio – next to the bar, for several weeks now while we wait for the insurance paperwork to clear.  I’m pretty sure we will buy a replacement trailer, but we need our last loan to finish clearing, as well as get a settlement check from the insurance company.  For now, all the trailer stuff is blocking my regular brewing location.  I may try and brew further out in the patio area this weekend, but I need to get my butt in gear and make a starter…

Happy Thanksgiving to all Lazy Brewer readers.  Have a safe and restful day with your family and friends!

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