Klassic Kolsch is Fermenting Away…

On July 18, 2008, in Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes

The Klassic Kolsch brew day was uneventful.  I got up early to beat the heat, and everything fell into place.  I hit my mash temp exactly at 150 degrees, with no fooling around with water additions.  I enjoyed the change in hops from what I regularly brew with.  The Hallertaus have a nice earthy aroma and the Tettnangers have a wonderful, spicy – almost peppery, aroma.  They smelled wonderful during the ninety minute boil.

My Brew Sculpture in Action

My Brew Sculpture in Action

The Kolsch is in the conditioning fridge, at 60 degrees, and actively fermenting.  I checked it when I got home from the Leon Russell show, and it was ready for air locks.  I always worry about putting air locks on too early when putting carboys in the fridge.  My early lagers would suck the air lock’s liquid (cheap vodka) back into the carboys if I put them on too early and the temps dropped, before it started off gassing CO2.  Once the positive pressure of the CO2 is blowing out of the carboys, it doesn’t matter if the temp drops a few degrees.

I’m excited to have a Kolsch in glass again.  It is easily six to eight  weeks away from drinkability, but September should be a good month for brews at Sociables.

Now I just need to finish cleaning six dirty kegs, and then cleaning and rebuilding the six kegs Steve recently picked up for for me.  Cleaning kegs is probably my least favorite brewing task.  I have thirty gallons of hoppy ale in glass that needs to be kegged up soon…

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