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On July 10, 2008, in Brew Pubs, Family and Friends, Food, Travel, by Mark Ranes

Brenda and I headed over to the coast to Santa Cruz, to visit one of our favorite getaways – the newly remodeled Dream Inn.  We’ve been going here for a long time and the hotel has had various names and been managed by multiple owners, but it is still a nice destination on the coast.  It sits at the head of the Santa Cruz wharf and every room faces the ocean.  Currently, about half the rooms have been redone and they’ve done a nice job.  Friends of ours, Steve and Nancy, joined us the second day for pool time and general silliness.  The pool bar was serving a local draft brew which was surprisingly hoppy and quite tasty.

Since they have free wireless Internet access, I looked up local brewerys to see if one was nearby.  To my surprise, there was a brewery within 25 minutes waking distance.  It was just across the train trestle the crosses the river beyond the Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkSeabright Brewery, in Santa CruzWe headed over to the Seabright Brewery for lunch and ales early Wednesday afternoon (well, more like late morning:).  We were greeted by one of the owners, Charlie, and were warmly received by our waitress.  I went straight for an IPA, The Blur, and was not disappointed.  It has a wonderful aroma and nice deep hop flavor.  We ordered lunch and noticed that there was a busy gentleman traveling through the pub, who appeared to a part of the brewery operations.  He was!  Steve and I were treated to a tour of the brewery by the head brewer,  Jason Chavez.  Jason showed us the entire brewery, which was very compact, but a very nice operation.  Jason and SamHe and his assistant brewer, Sam, were brewing a batch of their most popular ale, Pelican Pale Ale.  Jason was kind enough to spend 10-15 minutes talking about Seabright Brewery, and their specific brewing operations.  We had a chance to talk about hops, and the current shortages, and he told us that he is in pretty good shape for the near future, based on relationships he has with various hop distributors.  We ate and I grabbed a growler of their Sacrilicious Ale to bring home.

All in all, Seabright’s beers, and food offerings are top notch.  Seabright has won many awards at GABFest and is celebrating their 20th anniversary.  Jason told us that he is just about to brew their 3000th batch of ale in the coming weeks.  I’d go back and spend a few hours in the pub in a heartbeat.  Thankfully, when we headed back to the Dream Inn, they were serving Seabright’s Sacrilicious Ale at the pool bar.  I had several more of their ales as the afternoon progressed.

If you ever find yourself in Santa Cruz, with a thirst for quality ale, be sure to look up the Seabright Brewery!

20th Anniversary

Seabright’s 20th Anniversary

Salmon Bites

My lunch, Salmon Bites – and a pint of The Blur IPA

Garlic Cheese Fries

Mmmmm!  Garlic Cheese Fries!

Sienna Brown, BrewDog!

Sienna Brown, Seabright’s official BrewDog!

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