Amber Ale and Watermelon Wheat Kegged!

On June 23, 2008, in Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes

This evening, after I got set up for tomorrow’s brew, I kegged up five gallons of Jurassic Amber Ale and ten gallons of Watermelon Wheat Ale.  The amber ale is wonderfully hoppy and should be very nice in a week or so after chilling and carbonating.  It had an original gravity of 1.059 and a final gravity of 1.008, for a 6.7% ABV.  The Watermelon Wheat had an original gravity of 1.069 and finished up at a whopping 1.006!  It was originally going to have a lower original gravity, around 1.055, but I think the wort grabbed a bunch of sugar from the watermelon.  Then it attenuated far mare than I anticipated.  I was hoping for a nice summer session ale in the Watermelon Wheat, but with a 7.1% ABV, it’ll be an ale to respect.

The Watermelon Wheat Ale has a very subdued watermelon aroma and a slight melony aftertaste – kind of what I was hoping for:)  I didn’t want a watermelon juice beer.  The hydrometer sample was very drinkable and I’m sure it will be much better after carbing and cooling.  I did the “shake and roll” carbonation technique on both the amber keg and one of the kegs of watermelon wheat.  They are both sitting in the keggerator in hopes of being drinkable in the next week or so.

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