TAFTBD IPA Chugging Along…

On April 23, 2008, in Brew Pubs, Craft Beer, Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes

The Teach a Friend to Brew Day IPA is happily fermenting away.  I started the ferment cool and it has picked up a few degrees from the fermentation process, but it is still working at a nice cool temperature.  My beer might as well enjoy the cool weather while it can.  Soon the summer heat in California’s Central Valley will make for problematic fermentations.  I was surprised that  the TAFTBD IPA didn’t ferment wildly and come shooting out the blow-off tubes.  It did slightly trickle out of one of the BOTs, but nothing like I’ve been seeing in recent months with my ale fermentations.  The krausen has peaked right at the top of the 6.5 gallon carboy’s neck, so I know things are going well.  The difference in this fermentation might be the White Labs Pacific Ale yeast.  It does attenuate less than the Cal Ale yeast I usually use.

I have several brews on the horizon.  I need to brew my Klassic Kolsch again, an English Bitter, a standard Pale Ale and finally, I want to brew an American Style wheat – possibly with some fresh watermelon in the secondary.  I have the yeast for all of these brews, so time is ticking on their shelf life.  Unfortunately, the Kolsch will require the use of my conditioning fridge for the necessary cool fermentation, so I’ll need to find a home for those five kegs for a month – or have a party and drink down the brews that I have on hand:)

River City Brewing\'s Woodenhead Ale Pint

I recently found this picture I’d taken with my cell phone while waiting for my daughter’s plane to arrive at the Sacramento Airport.  Her flight was delayed for an extra hour (and I arrived early anyway), so I dropped by one of my favorite pubs in Sacramento, River City Brewing Company for a pint of Woodenhead Ale.  They’ve had a cask ale the last few times I’ve been in, and I’ve tasted it each time, but it always seems thin and lacking the body I like in an ale.

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3 Responses to TAFTBD IPA Chugging Along…

  1. nantan says:

    Dearest Markie,
    Compassion is one of my most prominent virtues. I am very busy these days, but I think I could squeeze out a couple hours to help a friend in need. Please allow me to assist you in cleaning out that conditioning fridge. I’m sure we can figure out something to do with those 5 kegs. 😉 ~nantan

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    You are always so good to me! Even at great risk to your liver, you offer to help find a solution for my ale storage problems – although it may only be a temporary storage solution of an hour or so before flushing:)

    Your buddy Stephen did assist with blowing a keg of Summit IPA last evening! Seems like my kegs always blow when he is around:)

  3. Mark Ranes says:

    I just dry hopped the TAFTBD IPA. Each carboy got .8 oz. of Cascades and 1.6 oz. of Centennials. The living room, where I’ve been fermenting lately (because Brenda says the gurgling of the CO2, from fermentation through the blowoff tubes, makes for uncomfortable sleeping sounds:), has the most wonderful aroma right now! This IPA ought to be wonderful in 4-6 weeks!

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