TAFTBD IPA Brew Session

On April 20, 2008, in Homebrewing, by Mark Ranes


Chillin' with a wonderful Summit IPA!The Teach a Friend to Brew Day IPA is currently chilling (as I am with a Summit IPA:).  The brew session went well once I quit chasing the temperature of the mash.  I always wig out when the mash temp is not where I expect it to be once I mash in – always forgetting that I need to wait for it to stabilize.  Initially it seemed high and I dropped in a couple quarts of cold water to drop it, and then it was way low, necessitating a couple quarts of water from the hot liquor tank.  Maybe I just need to have a pint and chill out with some good tunes when I’m mashing in!

It’s funny how your perspective changes as to the value of a particular brew, with this ale requiring such a large amount of hops.  But in the big picture of things, it is worth it.  I love the big hop front-end of this ale, backed up by the huge malt backbone.  This is truly one of my house ales that needs to be on tap all the time.

A huge boild for Teach a Friend to Brew Day IPATAFTBD IPA has got to be one of the most aromatic boils I do, of all my ales.  Each addition of hops causes a crescendo of aroma that permeates my back yard, as well as the nearby neighborhood.  I just love brewing this ale!  John came over towards the end of the boil and at that point I had a couple ales.  I’ve learned that my brews turn out better (like I don’t forget to add things at the right time:) if I wait to have an ale until late in the boil.  The ice on my pre-chiller is almost gone and the temp is right on track at about 72 degrees.  I’ll be dropping the wort into the carboys in just a few moments.

Weighing hops for Teach a Friend to Brew Day IPAThe only difference to the recipe I posted earlier, is that I added a half pound of corn sugar as I have been doing lately with all my IPAs.  I like how the corn sugar helps dry out the ale a bit.  It also help me hit my projected OG.  The TAFTBD IPA came in at 19 brix, or an original gravity of 1.076.  This should be a quality ale in eight weeks!

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