Hidden Cache!

On April 3, 2008, in Craft Beer, Music, Stuff..., Technology, by Mark Ranes

I recently found a yellow envelope that was tucked away next to our bedroom TV, that had some gifts from my 50th birthday party. I had completely forgotten about some gift cards and lottery tickets that were given to me to mark the event.

BevMo has one of my favorite IPA’s on sale right now. That’s a sure thing. $25 of music – that’s a sure thing. $25 at the movie theater – that could go either way:)

A Sure Thing


These on the other had could be worth $10 or $100 or $1000s – or nothing!

An Unsure Thing

On a side note, I never seem to be able to give lottery or lotto tickets as gifts. I’m always afraid that because of the good karma thing, the tickets will be big winners and I’d miss out on the winnings:) I guess I could do like my boss does and say, “We split anything over $50!”

Given a choice, what would you go for? The sure thing or the unknown?

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2 Responses to Hidden Cache!

  1. reeceandcarlensdad says:

    Go for the unknown! If you give away good karma won’t you receive more in return? BTW, my birthday’s in October and I expect lottery tickets! 😉

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    Well, so far the BevMo cards are a winner. I picked up two six packs of Firestone Union Jack IIPA and two bombers of Green Flash IIPA – with just under $7 left on one of the cards!. 🙂

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