Blue Flame Imperial IPA LabelTomorrow I’ll be brewing the best beer I’ve ever brewed, Blue Flame Imperial IPA. I brewed this monster last fall and it was incredibly well received by friends, family and my Modesto Mashers buddies. Five gallons only lasted ten days during the holiday season! I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit to cut down the bitterness just a bit (from 223 to only 171 IBUs:) and kicked up the OG a little. Here’s the recipe:

Blue Flame Imperial IPA

Size: 5.04 gal
Efficiency: 75.0%
Attenuation: 75.0%
Calories: 487.58 per 16.0 fl oz (ouch!)

Original Gravity: 1.108
Terminal Gravity: 1.027
Color: 11.8
Alcohol: 10.84%
Bitterness: 171.39

1 tbsp 5.2 pH Stabilizer – added during mash
19.0 lbs American 2-row
.5 lbs Cara-Pils
.3 lbs Crystal Malt 60°L
.3 lbs Crystal Malt 40°L
1.0 lbs Corn Sugar
1.0 oz Summit (17.0%) – added during boil, boiled 60.0 min
.5 oz Summit (17.0%) – added during boil, boiled 45.0 min
.5 oz Nugget (13.0%) – added during boil, boiled 45.0 min
.5 oz Summit (17.0%) – added during boil, boiled 20.0 min
1 oz Nugget (13.0%) – added during boil, boiled 20.0 min
1.0 ea Whirlfloc Tablets (Irish moss) – added during boil, boiled 15 min
1.0 tsp Wyeast Nutrient – added during boil, boiled 15 min
.5 oz Summit (17.0%) – added during boil, boiled 7.0 min
.5 oz Nugget (13.0%) – added during boil, boiled 7.0 min
1 oz Summit (17.0%) – added during boil, boiled 0.0 min
2 oz Summit (17.0%) – added dry to the fermenter once fermentation is complete
1 oz Nugget (13.0%) – added dry to the fermenter once fermentation is complete
1 1400 ml White Labs WLP001 California Ale Starter

Mash In – Liquor: 6.28 gal; Strike: 160 °F; Target: 152.0 °F


I’ve already re-brewed this once before, but it didn’t turn out as well as the first batch. The wonderful piny and citrusy aroma weren’t as bright as the first batch. I think that it was the hops I used the second time. I do have more of the original Summit hops I used for the first batch (they seemed fresher and more brilliant in aroma than the hops I used for the second batch), so I’ll be using those for the flavoring, aroma and dry hop additions. I plan on entering this in in the Modesto Mashers June open category competition.

We have lifelong family friends coming into town to join us for a Stockton Thunder hockey game, so I need to blow this brew session out in a timely manner. Eric was the first person I knew who was a homebrewer, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy arriving while I’m still brewing. We’ll be heading up to Stockton before the game for dinner and a couple of pints at Valley Brewing. Hopefully they have a couple hop bombs on tap for the pre-game warmup!

4 Responses to Imperial IPA on deck for tomorrow…

  1. Inhiding says:

    It will be totally unfair for you to enter this beer in the MM open competition. Please reconsider you r entry selection. Also there is a hop shortage.

    j/k. this is a fabulous beer and I am not a fan of the DIPA.

  2. Mark Ranes says:

    This is simply an part of my Hop Stimulus Plan. I’m hoping that by putting hops back into the beer economy, I’ll jump start the over hopping of IPAs all over America. I’m looking for quick action in the Brew House. I hope that other brewers will follow quickly so that we can put this beer in the hands of hop loving Americans as soon as possible.

  3. brewbarnstephen says:

    Ok “Mark W”, I think I tasted a little throw-up in my mouth. . . for some reason, I can hear that little insincere texas-drawl-voice even when it’s just a great joke on a blog and I want it to go away.

    About this beer; there is a song out there someplace about how if you do bad things, “God will f— you up!” Well, if you’re bad and drink too much of this yummy beer, it is a little bit like the God in that song.

  4. […] showed up ready to brew (but not ready to drink – he had an encounter last evening with the Blue Flame IPA he recently brewed) this morning and we had an uneventful brew session. Things just kind of played […]

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